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1320 Post-it note project (1-24) by J0nnyL0ve
1320 Post-it note project (1-24)
I have decided to challenge myself to draw and timelapse 1320 post-it note doodles (Which perfectly fills a blank book).
Uploaded for you is the first 24 :)

You can view the first timelapse here:…
Follow on Twitter:…
Not so other worldly specimens by J0nnyL0ve
Not so other worldly specimens

'Not so other worldly specimens'
Every day objects collected in bottles and labeled by someone from another world.

Description on label and actual item are as follows:

Scribble - Tangled black thread
Lung Incapacitator - Cigarette
Finger Armour - Finger nails
Achoo Cloth - Tissue
Bonsai Rocks - Sands
Stretchy hoops - Rubber bands
Lustful metal discs - Magnetic discs
Paper squeezers - Paper clips
Colour destroyer - Bleach
Dangly flying scream catalyst - Daddy long legs
Packing Snow - polystyrene
Eye leak - tears
Fake earth stubble - Astro turf
sneezy snow - pepper
Window skin - curtains
Paper piercings - staples
Wall skin - wall paper
Slightly harder paper - card
Pencil guts - lead
Hairy bulb flesh - coconut
Dehydrating crystals - salt
Stick fire catalyst - Match box striker
Mouth accelerator - chilli pepper flakes
Previously hot wood - coal
Bonsai rock paper - sand paper
phone plate - sim card
morning energy hoops - cheerios
Artificial cloud - cotton
Jumping tubes - springs
floppy tree wafer - Paper
slug home - snail shell
hard sharp air - glass
liquid lifter - straw
hidden ouch sticks - safety pins
music bagel fragments - CD shards
Chicken walls - egg shell
non friendly garden sprinkles - slug pellets
Wall blob - blu-tac
Face fuzz - Beard trimmings
day time orb - bulb
metal skin - foil
carbohydrate capsule - rice
Long time wet colour - oil paint
spare hi-five - doll hand
Hair softener - Conditioner
Golden goo maker - Bee
Energy cannister - Battery
Angry bush finger - Thorny rose stem
Ear poo - ear wax
Human outer skin - shirt
Plug banger - fuse
Electric subway - copper wire
Dog liquid - dog wee
Cloud juice - rain
electric worm - wires
Vacuum vomit - Vacuum cleaner dust
Stretchy snappy worm - elastic
Sticky bee poo - honey
outside crumbs - soil
sticky air - celotape
water absorber
semi hard crinkly air
memory eraser - Absinthe
Tree flakes - tree bark
Blood plug - plaster
Hard and liquid rock - wax
Never go away goo - Super glue
Nose Candy - Cocaine
Breath smog lump - Garlic bulb
Mind confusion juice - Whiskey
Dead fire crumbs - ash
Carbohydrate sticks - dry spaghetti
Stained morning paper - news paper
Teeth snack (alive and dead) - Chewing gum (chewed and unchewed)
Face smearer - Flannel
Sticky box ribbon - Brown packing tape
Ear glass - Diamond earrings
Brain cocaine - Coffee
Paper poker - pencil
Genital ghost costume - Condom
Sticky Pebble - Sugary sweet
Wake up bag - tea bag
Ear poker - Cotton bud
Soft hard colour rocks - playdoh
Tooth acid grains - sugar
Pencil teeth - Pencil nibs
Reading material for purchases - Receipt
Organic Solar panels - leafs
Face smoother - shaver head
Achoo fluid - sneeze goo
Always north arrow - Compass arrow
Flower eggs - seeds
Tree Finger - Twig
Super sweet dots - Sweetner
Sweet rocks - Skittles
Flower tickler - Bumble bee
Open sticks - Keys
Floor moss - Carpet
Pencil skin - pencil shavings
Invisible wire (visible)
Elephant (Escaped)
Non growable sweet beans - Jelly Beans
White sticky edge paper - masking tape
Flying flower hair - Dandelion seeds
Cloth teeth - zip
Crying bulb skin - onion skin
Nut Bras - pistachio shells
Number worm - measuring tape
Tree shards - splintered wood
Field seed dust - flour
String lumps - beads
Shiny blobs - diamonds
Invisible ink
Waxy stick - crayon
Ouch sticks - needles
spiky dots - pins
A single spec of dust
Wood pinchers - screws
Line pincher - peg
Screw sphincters - Nuts
Volatile fire sticks - matches
Human distraction material - bubble wrap
paper puzzle dots - hole punch dots
Long messy line - string
Attitude bug - wasp
Foot hugger - sock material
Slightly finer bonsai rock paper - Finer sand paper
Breath smog lump skin - Garlic skin
Dusty stick - chalk
Beep stripes - bar code
Head smoother - paracetemol
Clothes buds - buttons
Metal eggs - ball bearings
Head snow - dandruff
Human head fuzz - hair
Salty boulders - nuts
Bee Flirter - flower
Mark gonner - Eraser
Sizzle liquid - oil
Sweet bonsai rocks - sugar


Annotate by J0nnyL0ve

Annotate - Misc objects and resin on canvas - 119x201cm.

A representation of your favourite book, earmarked, tagged, dog earred, flagged, pointed and annotated.




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Jonny Love / LoveJordan
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United Kingdom
LoveJordan art is the collaborative work of Jonny Love and Samuel Jordan. Working from our studio at Wimbledon art studios, SW London, we produce a varied body of contemporary work which is strongly influenced by cities, architecture, the human desire to fill empty spaces and collections.

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